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 The X-Files > Season 3


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 Written by
Howard Gordon

 Directed by
Kim Manners

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Dark episode
Written by Jack Anderson on 2015-12-31
"Grotesque" is a remarkable episode for many reasons:
- The light. It is simply amazing. When you think of an episode with great lights, you think of this one. Beautiful blue and black.
- The music. Great music, so good that even one of the theme is on the only X-Files soundtrack, "The Truth and the Light". Mark Snow did a very good job on this episode, once again.
- The realisation. Kim Manners set a very dark tone. Even if on one or two frames, he goes too far (one disturbing quick zoom on a gargoyle), he did an excellent job.
- The acting. I always liked the dark Fox Mulder, the one obsessed and depressing, like in "Ascension" and like in this episode. David Duchovny is at his best when he keeps a very low and dark profile. He suddenly doesn't act like he is in real life, but goes to a complete higher level of acting.
- The sets. Amazing too. The dark pictures, the dark "appartment" of the killer.
- And of course, the story. "Grotesque" is one of Howard Gordon's best episodes. The paranormal aspect is very dark and not too science-fiction. Once more, The X-Files at his best!
So, the result of all those aspects was a great episode, that's why I give it a good 9 out of 10.

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