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 The X-Files > Season 2


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 Directed by
Nick Marck

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Gregor: "We are the last remaining. Unless you protect us, we're already dead."

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Very good but missed opportunity
Written by Jack Anderson on 2017-09-10
I was never a fan of « Colony ». This may feels surprising, for someone who loves the earliest seasons so much. But the episode doesn’t really work for me.

First, it is definitely the perfect moment to start finally introducing a mythology episode about Mulder’s sister Samantha.
But the problem lays in the fact that we actually get a resolution, even if it is a lie. The all point was for us to wait for Mulder to find Samantha. And in « Colony », we suddenly see Skinner saying to Mulder that there is a family emergency. And then Mulder arrives at his father’s place and meet Samantha. There is no emotion. No tears. Nothing. Samantha is back. That’s it. Thanks for watching. Move along.

Second, the casting of Samantha is, to me, incredibly bad. I cannot understand how the producers came to cast Megan Leitch. She is definitely not a bad actress. But she doesn’t look the part. We all remember the picture of Samantha at the swimming pool from the episode « Conduit ». This adult Samantha looks nothing like that. She feels too normal. I think that Samantha deserved a better casting.

While I didn’t like the episode too much, I find the last 10 minutes very entertaining.

I give the episode 6 out of 10.

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