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 The X-Files > Season 11


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 Written by
Gabe Rotter

 Directed by
Carol Banker

 Original Air Date

David Duchovny
Gillian Anderson
Mitch Pileggi
James Pickens Jr.

- This episode is centered around FBI Assistant Director Walter S. Skinner.
- There will be a scene in which we see Skinner when he was in Viet-nam.
- Some part of the episode will play in opened nature.
- The episode was supposed to be in season 10 but couldn't be produced because the tenth season only had 6 episodes.


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Not awful, but not even average
Written by Jack Anderson on 2018-02-11
The episode could have been average, but the first half with Mulder and Scully doing their pseudo investigation is so useless and boring that I cannot give the episode a 4 out of 10.
The second part is more interesting, but still pretty low.
The only great thing about the episode is the final scene with Walter Skinner. Mitch Pileggi is really a great actor and gives here an excellent performance.
The rest is forgettable, but not as awful as the first episodes of this new season.

I give the episode a 3 out of 10.

11X06 Kitten
Written by Syldana on 2018-03-18
Review 11X06

I was expecting this episode with some enthusiasm because the Skinner centric episodes are usually incredible. I still remember the floods of emotions with Avatar and SR 819 to name a few, but others have also marked other minds.
Kitten ultimately turns out to be simplistic and serves mainly as an excuse to: provide new elements that will certainly be reused later, give news of Kersh and take stock of the mythical relationship Skinner / Scully / Mulder. In my previous Review, I wondered if Skinner had finally plunged into the hell he built and I still have some doubts.

At the beginning of the episode, when the yellow cloud falls on the military in a scene worthy of Platoon, I wondered if among the hallucinations we would see again the Succubus of Skinner, too bad. I thought that the power of this product might have created this entity in Skinner's life. Here, the only glimpses of the monster take on the appearance of a creature straight out of an Indian legend: the animal skull, the fur ... Well, but here it was not the subject so ...
Here, we reinstate the universe of the episode Blood 2X03, where a government sprinkles a substance (a little type LSD) our agricultural products to take control of our minds. That tests were performed on soldiers is now a fact already well denounced. I imagine that the contribution of this subject should prepare us for something and feed a little more Mytho. Now, I wonder how much. We have virus contamination, the Crossroads project, and now this toxic product. This association must highlight a link, a conspiracy but I am still in limbo and Skinner meanwhile begins to feel the effects. Little exposed at the time, he now begins to suffer the side effects with the loss of this tooth. I'm afraid for him, will it be that he also sinks into paranoia? I would not be surprised, the Conspiracy has already brutalized: the CSM and his blackmail, Krycek and his remote control ...

But today, what should we expect?

We can assume that Skinner does not seem to have accepted a deal with the CSM since he seems to be exposed to an evil, but on the other hand his association with this psychopath can take on other forms today. He may seem to work with the CSM in appearance and to a certain extent: he holds a real bomb about William, wants to protect Scully at all costs, keeps secrets, provides information to Mulder (11X05) during secret rendezvous. while acting in the shadows in anticipation of what will happen. Since the beginning of this season, practically every episode distils something, prepares us afterwards and anxiety wins me because I have the feeling that there will be losses, scars, a lot of suffering ...
The final discussion between the three (M / S and Skinner) raises the question of this strange loyalty that Skinner has to the Duo and finally explains it openly. The source of all this was long before he met Mulder and Scully. He wanted to act for his country and the government betrayed him, since he acts according to his own morality and the appearance of Mulder in his life as well as his quest, his tenacity to brave everything to defend and denounce the enemy lurking in the shadow will certainly have stimulated Skinner. He saw in the Duo the perfect team to rally with and it is up to them and only to them that he offers his most precious good: his loyalty. It was understood, but at least now it is said and this is what offers this season for a moment, it fills the last gaps: the identity of Deep Throat, the new existence of Langly, to meet finally William ...
Regarding his career, but of course there have been consequences, he has always helped the two incorruptible, Kersh is not careful to throw in the face of the two agents and this addresses a question long expressed by the fans: why Skinner does not evolve in his career? To answer you Guigui, here is how Scully reacts. Suddenly she wonders: is it because of us? I'm always amazed to see that such a smart woman is naked in the face of the obvious, but you would stick the truth in the face with a headlight beam directed she would seek anyway an explanation supposed to elsewhere .

Skinner retains his status as a great loner, his life is a mirror without a complexion dedicated to observing others progress in their lives and I realize today how much his life is similar to that of Mulder (that of the first times). No children, no woman, a fixed career, an apartment that shows nothing except that his life revolves entirely around work ... but Mulder had him Scully and I tend to see that Skinner envy him a lot and would rather want it for him.

This apparently innocuous episode, with an investigation that is in fact quite classic, highlights the psychology of the characters.

The investigation itself is useless. The yellow cloud gives an aspect X Files to the plot and we evoke very quickly the subject of the terrifying side effects, but here we mainly meet the road of a killer that we would see in many detective series. Haley J. Osment, whom I had not seen for a while, remains an excellent actor. It gives off something in the eyes, a particular expression that always throws a cold in close-ups. Moreover, his game catches quite a lot of the ordinary character of his character: the cliché of the only child that has been traumatized and becomes a killer. The investigation is quickly sloppy, we take the viewer for a fool with a wounded Skinner who jumps out of the hole where he was a prisoner to emerge miraculously near the Duo, just in time, to kill in the right way the son of his friend, we specify at the beginning of the episode that the big guy with glasses: rhooooo is Skinner !!! and the voice-over during the last scene, and I join you all on it, well it's not useful, thank you we understood, the pictures speak perfectly of themselves.
As for Kersh, the disappearance of Skinner we reintegrated for a moment and it's really nice to see him again and as I imagined. Of course he climbed the ladder (and without having to pay for Mulder's escape years ago), keeps a sleek and stern image just right, but as I said before, he certainly pulled out Mulder from his prison in The Truth, but he never had the guts to believe and see behind the curtain to get caught in the face that there is a lot of shit in the fan and that at the moment he will be part of Collateral damage as he has not used the last decades to prepare for the "End". Faced with Mulder and Scully, we keep the usual and appreciable spikes that keep them credible in their relationship, but there is a return to calm, they remain courteous, the verbal violence that we attended the office are now behind.

As for Mitch he keeps his head up and delivers a masterful interpretation even if the support is frankly poor compared to other episodes centered on him. But here we are offered some really interesting tracks for the future, but above all, something to worry about him, and we take the opportunity to restore the confidence that Mulder and Scully had lost to him. I hope for good reasons, we will see ...

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