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 The X-Files > Season 11


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 Written by
James Wong

 Directed by
James Wong

 Original Air Date

Reports of an insectoid creature terrorizing teenagers prompt Mulder and Scully to investigate. The case leads them to a married couple whose son could help stop the gruesome killings.

David Duchovny
Gillian Anderson
Mitch Pileggi
Miles Robbins
William Bruce Davis

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by Jack Anderson on 2018-02-02 01:11:03 ET
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Very good
Written by Jack Anderson on 2018-02-02
Very good

James Wong knows his job
Written by Gruic on 2018-03-09

A very good épisode, probably the best mythological episode related for the Revival.

And the end is perfect.

Good job James Wong. Mulder and Scully does not work for you, you work for them, that's why you're a great writer.

11X05 Ghouli
Written by Syldana on 2018-03-15
Review 5X11

Before the start of season 11, many wondered about the frequency of episodes called Mythological. Ghouli is clearly presented as a Mytho episode built in mid-season. The episode will be neither double nor triple, a total of 10 episodes do not allow to extend the plot in a long format, we can in any case rejoice to see that we return to the old seasonal schedules.

Ghouli starts very strong, we finally leave the eternal car parks which for my part tired me seriously (the corridors of the FBI I miss, the forests too, Vancouver ... there is something else to exploit, no?), For this superb ship the anxiety that would suddenly return me to the Piper Maru that Mulder had explored in season 3. What is a big plus with this boat is that it is two-way. During the day, it is an old carcass abandoned that rotten time (and a refuge for young people broke during the holidays), but when the night covers the city, the ship is transformed into a monstrous entity, it comes alive, serves Horror-themed decor ... It's also Vancouver's peculiarity, offering filming tools undeniable to make us shudder and for a long time the Seymour Forest, Butzen Lake and even the Britannia Mine Museum have held this particular role.

But does Ghouli serve here as a central plot, monster of the week?

The answer is no, Ghouli is an intro, a pretext for introducing new characters and continuing the writing of the original mythological Bible. We finally discover here the face, after a heavy and incredibly long chaotic journey, crowned with scenes sometimes dripping with pathos, the supreme weapon: William.
This character, I had to imagine it in thousands of ways, the pace he would have, his abilities (or otherwise, he could also be just a normal kid), and his role in "The End" . Well ... how to say ... they have once again been able to surprise me. For starters, the actor does not look like anyone, it is insulting to think that fans have no memory and go beyond the fact that a blue-eyed redhead can suddenly be brown with brown eyes. But either, "eyes rolling".
This aside, damn kid! So if we skip the fact that to make a teenager a bit anyway normal, sir plays on several tables with girls. Looking at the circus that is already his life, was it really necessary writer friends to play the cliche card of the stupid teenager who wants to do experiments? Apart from that, whouaou, it's what I hoped, tracked first by a foul government, I never thought that adoption idiocy would suddenly hide it from all eyes and of all the dramas, it is clear that with CE William, it has been a long time since the Devil keeps an eye on him.
The idea of ​​the diary and was GE-NI-AL. First of all because 15 years is a long time to catch up for a spectator and that synthesize the life of this young man on 42 mins so forget, there is too much to know and MERCI ZEROSUM (see his long post that explain all about LVEI) because this kid's course is worth his weight in gold. The paper and digital media serve as a logbook, where we learn step by step the thread of his life and the brutal changes that took place in him to become the extraordinary being he is today.

Spender's gesture in 2002 was laudable, but was of course useless, because when we embrace an extraordinary destiny, a disruptive element will immediately restore equilibrium and put us back on the exact path that we should have never had before. to leave.

In the case of William, poor of me, an animal with 8 legs (will understand those who have taken the time to read the report posted by ZEROSUM) will have begun to take care of it. William he looks a little like I must say (his part of course human), he is arachnophobic, writes for hours, dreams that he interprets, fills his shelves of collections, hangs posters of his idols, has a book put in a corner ... I really hooked to this owl kid who is fully aware that he is apart for a reason (do not know which, but suddenly he does not take his medicine to stop it), but his mind and his life are a masterly confusion ... like his parents. We already had a prototype of extraordinary kid with Gibson Praise, who resounded like an adult, William raises us to a higher degree in terms of prodigies. Baby, he moved the objects, the young adult he has become enabled us to play with the mind and the visual of the people, creates scenarios, he prophesies the future, his dreams (following a myth well known) are gradually answering future questions ... These gifts will make him either a formidable weapon or the answer to how to survive what is looming. William feels that the "End" is near, he wants to discover this world before everything is shaved while dragging behind him a baggage mentally disturbing: a past child who could never be one, a maturation too fast Due to a constantly evolving brain chemistry, the scientific entourage, end up being the experience of a project: welcome to Crossroad which gives rise to the return of a scene so well known by the fans, CSM ass screwed into the chairs of Skinner's office.

In short our William is lost, he gets a lot of things, his spirit "in fire" leads him in all directions, we kill his family, we track down and of course the people that would have been needed to guide him are not not at his side.

Honestly I believed in the big reunion, but in this episode, Scully pays the heavy sentence of his decision. William, ironically, is hunted even by his own parents. We are progressing here very gradually in the meeting William / Scully. First telepathic transmissions in My Struggle III, then the physical meeting which unfortunately starts on a drama. Yes Scully sees him but lying on a floor at the morgue ... we could not do worse for a mother. Fate tackles it, makes him pay dearly for abandonment.
You want to see it, Ok, but the task will be difficult and it will be on the worst possible ground. The speech she sits at her bedside is beautiful, expected, the words were carefully chosen and ultimately quite logical. But Scully clears a chouie she was mostly a little loose at the time. I tended to think that if Mulder had stayed with her at the time, she might have had a different choice. But either, we will not remake the past at this stage ... Anyway we see that William does not completely try to escape in this episode, he has already heard his speech made at the morgue while he played the role of the dead, he transmitted images, already knew the face of the one he calls Ginger (Zerosum post) and appears to him from time to time "masked" to exchange with her some sentences carrying symbolic messages , just to see what it's worth to be human. It's normal, he feels the ground, is suspicious ... but I remain hopeful that the real discussion long pushed between him / him, he / Mulder will finally happen, this kid clearly needs answers on future choices that he will have to undertake and it would be better if the first person to guide him is not the CSM. Even if I feel it at Km.

The other question in this episode is Skinner's role.

We are left unresolved since My Struggle III on the decision he made and the role he will play in the chessboard. The fact that he has not yet confessed to Mulder but he still gives himself the trouble of revealing an info or two in small clandestine RDV leaves doubt. I have always seen Skinner as a protector, I would prefer that it does not change, who is able to put away the assistant director's costume to put on the cape of the hero during some rather major moments. His past as a soldier will have imposed on him certain patterns of behavior, a mental strength, a form of loyalty, knowing how to recognize the good of the bad in the war zone and we will soon complete, I think for good because we are clearly heading towards the end of history, our last shortcomings on him. But in the end, Skinner has always been a little bit double between his public speeches and his suddenly changing attitude as soon as there are no more witnesses. One cultivates a constant ambiguity with him.

We will be left as usual with unsettled things, people fleeing, and a flood of questions. The final stage gives hope, it stings our emotion, but finally think that William pulls us just like that his reverence, no question. We are not finished with everyone and William still has a lot of things to share with us and I trust him because he gives himself the means to stand out for the right reasons. However, I do not have the naïveté to believe that everything will be concluded in the smallest details in a single final episode, must not dream, too many things are carefully installed, we are suddenly released a project, it is not 42 mins that will fix everything. We are far from finished with them.

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