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 The X-Files > Season 11

Plus One

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 Written by
Chris Carter

 Directed by
Kevin Hooks

 Original Air Date

David Duchovny
Gillian Anderson

- The director Kevin Hooks shared on Twitter on September 17th, 2017 that the title of the episode will be "Plus One".
- During the shooting, a bear came out of the woods near Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. Gillian slowly walked away from the bear, not looking at it, hoping that she will not be eaten by the bear.
- Karin Konoval, the actress who played Mrs. Peacock in the wild episode "Home", is portraying the main second character from this episode.
- She will play multiple characters.
- David Duchovny, on an interview from October 16, 2017, with Niki Reitmayer on CKNW: “Chris Carter totally surprised me by having a local punk band cover ‘Unsaid Undone’ and putting it in the third episode that we shot. And he never asked me. I got this call from my lawyer who said ‘Chris Carter wants to licence ‘Unsaid, Undone’. I was like, what?! I texted Chris and asked 'what are you doing?' [He said] 'I want to use the song in the teaser.'


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Very bad
Written by Jack Anderson on 2018-02-02
This episode is not beyond bad (1), but clearly not good at all.
Chris Carter, once again, wrote a very very bad script, which is actually the norm since 2002. This is a shame to see the creator of the series not being able to write a single decent script.

Meanwhile, it feels good to finally have a real director directing an episode. The directing is classic and working fine.

I give the episode 2 out of 10.

Classic X Files with an outstanding performance by Karin Konoval.
Written by Caroline R. Poole on 2018-03-06
Karin Konoval is outstanding with her portrayal of both Chucky and Judy Pondstone. It was good to see such a talented actress back from the earlier run of the show. Telepathic hangman, a local punk band rendition of "Unsaid, Undone" from David Duchovny's album "Hell or High Water" and an all round classic X Files episode. 10/10!

11X03 Plus one
Written by Syldana on 2018-03-15
Review 11X03:

The plot at the center of this episode is really not very original. The subject had already been treated before, but it is clearly in the heart of Chris Carter. The Doubles or otherwise called doppelgängers had already been discussed in Fight club and with the same result in terms of scenes of castagne, blues and accidents. That said, we are now staggering that they cause murders and staring at you with inflammatory glances: so we evolve a little. I admit I had a little trouble understanding this episode. Just because the characters throw pell-mell too brief explanations on what intervenes, it intersects the famous "I believe," "I do not believe" (and which we do not believe any more from Scully, because let's be honest, we can not strive to be so clogged after all that it has gone through), and we end up catching flying that there is something really not catholic in the atmosphere of this city .

And here we say, yes, but of course, they were also inspired by Syzygy and Die Hand Die Verletzt.

And yes, it stinks of the negative wave everywhere, it breeds horror and it plunges us back into everything we liked before, the cursed city, a group of humans who return the brains of everyone, the cleaning black sheep, the investigation that quietly takes its time and the couple of investigators who knows more where to give the head, because impossible to know who will be the next target.

Which leads us to the beautiful nugget of this episode: Little Judy.

I was so happy to know the presence of Karin Konoval, actress who does not have the success that she deserves so much her game is phenomenal. Here, new rope to his bow, it is a true chameleon. It took me, I confess, a few seconds to realize that she does not play two roles but three: Judy stack and face and the twin Chuck. The hairstyle, the make-up, her disarming ease to be reborn as Chuck with all the panoply of contractions of her face, the gestures ... I was bluffed. Having to prepare just one of these roles already required a lot of preparation work when you know that Judy can go from being an angel to a real demon in minutes. Here, the scenario gave him no respite with the addition of the character of the brother who is also worth its weight. And these two twins make a lot of damage since they agree to play the game of the slayer.

Syzygy staged some form of twinning (two teens at the same date of birth) used as a trigger for a series of massacres.

Here, we come back and the mobile has not changed so much. Two beings convinced of the respectability of their act, the victims are spotted within neither the school environment but this time professional of the brother and forget the incantations: the fate is thrown by means of a childish game the Hangman . This element bothered me because previously the scenario used much less coarse son. In the area of ​​the paranormal between the use of the Tulpa, the rituals and the incantations, there was enough to dig to create a real phenomenon that is anchored in our own reality and making the whole really frightening. Especially since the night of time between legends and ancestral myths, there is much to be inspired to give birth to scary scenarios. Here, Chuck makes names guessing to his sister ... The double begotten originates, but from ... what ... in the end nothing concrete except a sheet, a pencil and some traces. Nothing concrete in the end, these demons are created from wind, nothing, abstract and a little telepathy. Me did not convince me.

But fortunately the doppelgängers give rise to some scenes a little gores and this episode allows a new introspection in our Duo.

And yes, it will not escape me that through this tender scene of bed, Mulder and Scully (projecting our memories at the time of Requiem) leave again in their existential interrogations. The problem with this scene is that it is totally out of sync with the rest of the episode. For the first time the whole plot does not lead to this conversation, it will have enough of a hurtful remark of Judy with respect to Scully for it to love in the arms of Mulder and close on them a protective bubble. The barrier once closed, they launch on a series of questions related to age, their liabilities, what will happen to them ... It ends up on average every 10 years the assessment of damage and to be afraid of what awaits us, why not them ? Finally it's quite legitimate, they are aware of what is above their heads, they are two solitaries who have long boasted of being the greatest independent that is, they realize all too often they are lying to themselves and instantly bond against each other as soon as the anxiety rises. This scene legitimizes them so much in the role of the human, that which we are and no longer in that of the eternal Madonna of Titian dripping with Christianity. Scully, it had been for a long time the preserve of the chaste and the sacred, happy to see her finally let go and see these two to offer themselves a moment of passion in the shelter of judgments. There is no cause in the beginning, they finally do something for them and not because circumstances lead them there.

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