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 The X-Files > Season 11


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 Written by
Glen Morgan

 Directed by
Glen Morgan

 Original Air Date

Dean Haglund
David Duchovny
Gillian Anderson
Mitch Pileggi

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What did you think of This?
by Jack Anderson on 2018-01-11 06:35:09 ET
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Starts great, the rest is very bad
Written by Jack Anderson on 2018-02-02
Very bad episode.

11X02 This
Written by Syldana on 2018-03-13
Review 11X02

During this episode, Glen Morgan seeks to re-seduce the fan of the first hour, flirting with the past, plunging the viewer, distilled keys everywhere, into his own nostalgia.
Here, back to the style of yesteryear to a certain extent and it's no worse, as Mulder pointed out it was "better before". And yet, the current is very far from being discarded since the very trunk of history has meanwhile a leap forward and this to the detriment of the main Duo.

I was expecting, at this stage of the season, that we attend the first Loner of season 11 and yet in my opinion it is clearly not the case. This episode is neither Loner nor semi-Mythological, but rather an extension of the previous episode. This episode is in charge of providing a deepening of a data thrown at the figure of Mulder during his first meeting with Consortium 2.

From the first scene, the dramatic event that is about to happen before our eyes lights the little light bulb in our head. That of our memories. It is night, we are in the middle of a vast campaign, a single house stands before our eyes and a car with on board three killers who are preparing for the assault. Unfortunately, the couple in the house do not suspect anything, anesthetized in their little daily life or doing here (knowing their identity) a well deserved nap after taking a lot of blows, both physical and moral, during the case last week. So, of course, we think of the episode Home and its similar scene with its musical background from the known records, the fate of Sheriff Andy Taylor and his wife, we also think of Home again and the horrible fate of Nancy Huff ... But, I would say that here Mulder and Scully are a little too the spectator who rests revelations he has just taken in the face and leaving him dazed on the side of the road. Glen Morgan likes to bring out his old registers and gives the impression of constantly repeating this scene, with the view in plunge then hop close-up on the faces. Here, however, the novelty will be in the bidding, since once cleared of the first three killers, the Duo is caught in the second following: the Russians, just that.
So yes, they have a lot of enemies and that gives us double cascade, but honestly was it necessary? Only one team, with a killer that we would have detached to follow them and basta, no? And all this for what ? A phone...

The Revival had already projected Mulder and Scully into modernity with their IPhone. But here we go further, it allows access to a world, and especially the re-opens dialogue with a very old friend: Langly.

So, instead of making the Lone Gunmen Trio complete, Langly may finally have "his" episode here.
In the past, the good old friends of the two agents had had more than once an episode of their own (and that was used as an introduction to Spin-off that was turned around them). These episodes had both deepened the depths of the individuals, introduced the team's formation, their encounter with Mulder, and left them a little in the control room. These episodes were very nice, dynamic, it was they who asked for help to the two agents and not the opposite for once, but the three were never separated. As if the Lone Gunmen formed a single entity.
Here, we break the group, Langly leads the dance alone and seeks to join Mulder so that he accomplishes for him a project of destruction.

Following the Trailer, we had all wondered about this image appearing on the screen of the laptop. Langly is alive, is he a ghost ... in short everything seemed possible, but Glen Morgan re-installs this communication not through the paranormal (a ghost), but through the kiss of High Technology (the existence certainly but as a virtual being).

The Duo being asleep at the time of the first communication with Langly, I first thought of a dream. The fourth face appearing on the framed Lone Gunmen promo picture referred to the urban legend This Man, a being supposedly appeared in the dreams of thousands of people and sometimes interpreted as a religious apparition. I also wondered about the reality of this episode. Because a very singular element could be raised here: the relationship between Mulder and Scully.
For two people supposed to be separated, they are more fusional than ever. I am not at all surprised that they are more complicit than ever, one almost finishing the sentence or the thought of the other, that they are so complementary in the cascades (age has not no control over them, the solid training of the FBI supports them step by step) or that in the action everyone knows what he has to do and allows the other to go to the end of his mission successfully, but on the other hand, they live together again, it's again "our home" and not Mulder's hut, they sleep side by side, watch the TV, Mulder talks about a future joint purchase of new furniture at IKEA (even if it's jokingly) and, above all, they go back together at the end. Scully does not return to her apartment anymore.
It is no longer MS II that one clears the equation for the blow but a whole season 10.

This episode gives the impression of being a kind of vast collective illusion, where the real world enters into talks with the virtual world. Which brings us to the highlight of Langly, our computer genius, around which everything gravitates. As it is a little episode, the screenwriter seems to have felt obliged to apply to the episode references referring to the character's own.

The concert on the TV showing the group Ramones, that the Duo does not even listen (the TV is in MUTE mode), besides fact strange, where is the interest, except that it is is the favorite band of all time Lone Gunmen precisely, this same MUTE replaced by the background sound of the episode that begins with a piece of Ramones and finally Langly's CV is expanded by two things: a cybernetic element with this logical personal project (for a computer junkie) of a life after death in virtual mode and, we get out of je-ne-sais where, a girlfriend. So certainly Langly could possibly have a part of private life, but where and when is the question! He was constantly with his friends, where does she suddenly come out? I will add that this new element added to the life of Langly and fully convenient and refers to another episode Kill Switch, which already there was a time spoke of a second life, eternal, in cybernetic mode and referred by one elements of another couple: Invisigoth or Esther Nairn of his real name. The title of the episode is besides proclaimed loud and clear in case it would have escaped us again, sometimes ^^.

The romantic project, in the beginning will finally turn out to be quickly the workhorse of a larger program, that of Consortium II and this does not please everyone because the project of Langly is quickly defiled by the dark designs of the Conspiracy in place. It is time to instruct the destruction phase of the project.

Langly does not appear by chance, of course, he wants to call his own team to destroy the hell he built. Obviously, instead of a dream life his companion is not at his side, but continues his life on his side (the condition sine qua non of the project and we are at first glance dead to live this other life) , he rubs shoulders with the greatest minds Steve Jobs, Michael Crichton ... but Consortium II could not help but seize the case to make them work on the construction of the program (parallel and opposing that of the CSM), a life in space after the eradication of life on Earth. This episode is clearly Mythological shot for me, it deepens the description of the project for the viewer and competes with the program of Consortium I, Erica Price is back, we try to convince the merits of the project, we rallied to the cause ... This episode fits the thread and allows Erica, who until then remained in a corner for the benefit of Mr Y, to finally speak and displayed the full extent of his Machiavellianism.
So much the better, I find it more convincing to hold this role than the other, with his evil smile and his icy gaze.
So be careful, I hear some already screaming yes but we do not hear about the CSM or William! Why Mytho blow? And that's the impression I had, too bad for William and grandpa but: we do not start with a mutant or a trivial case at first sight, type Red Museum, we start under the radar to want to eliminate Duo, because they know and "they" know warns Langly from the start. One quickly refers to Deep Throat, without a dead time, a central and important individual of the Mytho, the virtual life is not presented as an independent element, the original plot of a Loner (it is no longer because vastly evoked during other episodes: Ghost in the machine, Kill switch), it merges with Mytho directly with Langly's speech denouncing their slavery on behalf of a larger project ... And we can continue as long as it...

But let's go back to the facts, because on the background of virtual life, this episode is also in the information. An aspect that I love in X-Files that always applies to feed my education, my knowledge in areas that are still a little complex and that addresses a very current topic and fits into a real and dangerous news.

After the Duo has learned with dismay that the X-Files secrets have all been dematerialized (long live the modern world!), Are available to everyone including private companies who can take it all away and all this from the mouth of a Skinner more and more ambivalent, Mulder and Scully are sent by Langly to New York, home to Titanpointe: spy skyscraper of the famous NSA.
Thanks to the whistleblower Edward Snowden, we know a lot more about this building today.
Titanpointe is home to not only one of the largest telecommunications centers in the United States, but is also one of NSA's major spies:

"According to The Intercept, the NSA would have installed alongside the facilities of the American operator equipment to collect a lot of sensitive information from past communications around the world: "Who calls who, when and how long". ..]
"If the" partnership "between AT & T and the NSA is already known, few details have so far emerged, the Intercept points out.With Snowden's papers," we now know how the NSA sucks all the data from the operator ", adds the American media, detailing his remarks by several drawings and plans of the building."

Source: ... 51436.html

This building would have been designed to withstand the blast of a nuclear explosion, while one explains to me how naturally and without embarrassment Mulder and Scully reach it thanks to the tunnel connecting the local building of the FBI to that of Titanpointe. Wanting to give a light and humorous aspect to the episode with remarks, a wink, a finger in the mouth should have had these limits anyway. Ok we find there our Mulder and Scully decouples (also loses its skepticism since the beginning of this season, we climb the ladder after 25 years of partnership). But, that we remain a little realistic by adding an oppressive tension justified by the price of the head of the two agents. There it does not feel anymore and makes me regret a distant past where Paper clip, Piper Maru or Apocrypha provided us with this kind of moment: the flight, the underground researches, to act in spite of the radars ...
Nevertheless, the treasure hunt in the cemetery, the evocation of Deep Throat, the visit of the tombs, the discovery of this electronic element behind the cross ... remind us of excellent memories of previous episodes. Added to this, according to the old habits, the case is once again unsolved, Mulder and Scully fail in their mission, the evidence has gone, and there is no one to stop.

Glen Morgan follows Chris Carter in the unveiling: after the name of the CSM, it is the identity of Deep Throat which is revealed, the season 11 is placed under the seal "one fills the whites before the End".

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