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 The X-Files > Season 2

Duane Barry

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 Written by
Chris Carter

 Directed by
Chris Carter

 Original Air Date

A deranged man takes people hostages in a travel agency. Because the man claims to have been abducted multiple times by aliens, FBI Agent Fox Mulder is sent in order to try to help save the hostages.

David Duchovny
Gillian Anderson

- This marks the first episode directed by series creator Chris Carter.

Duane Barry: They drew holes into my damn teeth!

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First masterpiece directed by Chris Carter himself
Written by Jack Anderson on 2015-12-26
The episode could easily have been completely boring, because most of it is happening in a little room (the travel agency where Duane Barry hold hostages). But it is exactly the opposite: there is always something happening, even if there are little dialogues (beautifully written).

Steve Railsback (playing Duane Barry) is one of the reasons this episode works so well. He is superbly portraying the paranoid Duane Barry. This is a major success in terms of casting and acting.
Meanwhile, David Duchovny does an excellent job in front of him. The "I'm your friend" part is very realistic.

"Duane Barry" is also the very first episode that ends with a "TO BE CONTINUED" message. And boy, are we in for the thrill of a lifetime in the follow-up episode.
This is the first time that there is a real cliffhanger with a two-part episode in The X-Files and the result is simply great! Scully screaming for help in the end and the fade to black are excellent.

If I got to choose just 5 X-Files episodes, "Duane Barry" would be in those five. This is the first time that Chris Carter directed an episode, and we can see that it took the job very seriously.
I give it 10 out of 10.

The perfection
Written by DuaneB on 2018-03-12
This episode is obligatorily in my top ten. The reasons are very simple:
The game of Steve Railsback is admirable. Duchovny gives himself thoroughly. The quality of writing is the rallying point of this progressive tension...
This is probably the episode I watched the most; I know him by heart and I am still not tired of it. I am to a degree of such amorous blindness that I can not see defects. Maybe slowness, but even then it's a slow slowness to install each character.
The scenes with ET technologies are beautiful and creepy. The photograph, although playing very little external scenery, puts the characters well in values. The play of light and darkness are precious allies to immerse ourselves in this inimitable atmosphere.
Krycek as a young inexperienced and Scully who comes to break the house with the true profile of Duane Barry. The denouement ... etc.
Not only this episode is superb, but it spreads its superb on the following and even in One breath which is for me the high point ... 10/10!!

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