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 The X-Files > Season 11

My Struggle III

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 Written by
Chris Carter

 Directed by
Chris Carter

 Original Air Date

David Duchovny
Gillian Anderson
William Bruce Davis
Mitch Pileggi
Annabeth Gish
Chris Owens

- The shooting of the episode began on August 8th, 2017.

Cigarette Smoking Man: Mind if I smoke?

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So, Jackson/William is NOT Mulder's baby after all?!
by Jack Anderson on 2018-03-25 07:14:22 ET
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92 days ago
The XX Files Podcast takes on My Struggle III
by doublexfiles on 2018-01-09 15:45:59 ET
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What did you think of My Struggle III?
by Jack Anderson on 2018-01-04 03:54:05 ET
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My Struggle III - Press Release
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Season 11 Premiere Date Confirmed
by Caroline R. Poole on 2017-11-15 16:21:32 ET
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The Fight Between Mulder and Skinner
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The X-Files is dead
Written by Jack Anderson on 2018-01-04
The X-Files is dead. I truly believe that FOX (now Disney) should simply fire Chris Carter and replace him with someone younger, with an original vision, or even anyone who can write a decent script.
My Struggle III sucks big time. It is beyond bad. Everything is bad, disgusting. Chris Carter doesn't know how to write anymore, this is now clear as water. There is no denying.
- The series now has the same look as all those stupid hyped tv series such as CSI or Hawaii Five O. Visually, it's horrible. It is clinically horrendous. I have rarely seen something as soul-less, if that's even a word.
- The cut is, here again, horrible. Countless zooms, shortcuts to no end.
- The car chasing scenes are grotesque, it looks like an ad for Mustang - and a very bad one.
- The dialogue is so stupid. I wouldn't even know where to start.
- The CSM, this character that we loved so much and that was perfect during the entire series, is named Bush. Is that supposed to be funny? It's so bold that it is beyond childish.
- Mythologically speaking, it is Dallas. The CSM raped Scully. Monica Reyes even says that Bush is in love with Scully. My eyes are bleeding. No comment.
- Skinner seems morse code into the brain radios of Scully.
- The story is having the same level as a child one. It is a mix of stupid alien invasion, virus, plan to go to another planet. Seriously speaking, we don't give a shit anymore. This doesn't matter anymore. I am laughing thinking that some will try to think about it all and connect it with the rest of the show. My dear friends, it has been a very long time since Carter is having fun and write without knowing where he goes, all of that on an ocean of US dollars.
- Everything looks fake. That's the worse. Of course, there are actors, dialogue, music, scenes, but there is no symphony. It doesn't work.

I probably forget some, but Chris Carter should really take his retirement. He has totally become George Lucas. That's really fascinating. How could someone as talented as him in the 90's could produce such BS? This poor man tries to work with the past, but all has become too complex. The X-Files is way past the time of the end.

The next episodes are better, but life isn't so easy. We cannot just remove this episode out of the equation. The mythology of The X-Files is the core of the series. So, I tell you this, to me, The X-Files has become the worst tv series that I know of.

My rating: 1/10.

My Strugle III 11X01
Written by Syldana on 2018-03-12

Review 1X11:

Well after watching FINALLY this damn episode, I finally continue my journey and move to the next stage in this obstacle course, obscure, confused, complicated, incomprehensible, bypassed, in a word convoluted and reflection of the functioning of the spirit of its appointed creator.

25 years old that I'm doing this trip and Chris Carter is still trying to surprise me, but even better to smoke me. Good choice of word since here the Smoker will be the instigator of what made me lose my head for good until the arrival of the Loners does a little storage.

Let it be clear, for 9 years this series was based on a Bible very inspired and particularly effective both in its originality and in its ability to bring into me the anxieties that have haunted my dreams Geeks for decades, a mythology that stuck with the atmosphere and fascination of the world in the 90s for the occult, the mysterious and the paranormal. Carter, wanting to stay in the game, has had a lot of fun since season 10 to change direction every month, and he's going through the head with a speech "but we had that in mind from the beginning". During the first series, I was confident in this speech as the guideline was logical and the new revelations in perfect continuation with the data we already had, today it is no longer the case when I see it betray the past to build the future.

So certainly, the arrival of some elements is interesting. We had been prepared for a long time to a form of contagion, a spread: the black oil (Purity), the bees ... I was very proud to see in season 10 that we were led to the implementation not a final and deadly Invasion for Humanity, but rather an eradication by a virus, Spartan in addition: recall that in season 5 episode The Pine Bluff Variant was precisely staged murders of bacteriological mass by aerosol. My struggle III also practices a small update by inserting into history, and through a very interesting introduction proclaimed by the CSM, our new fears, more modern terrors, current: war, pandemic and planet in decline under politicians improbable and dangerous, even destructive. These fatalistic speeches were often practiced in the past through the offsprings of Mulder and Scully and in connection with episodes that addressed the gradual destruction of our world, the arrival of the End ... But this speech is all the more interesting that it comes out of the mouth of the one who knows EVERYTHING, has all the cards and confirms once and for all that he is from the beginning the puppeteer of all that we possess, the great advances, the various implementations in power and that he educated, directed and above all possessed the whole of humanity. We knew this man extremely dangerous since his episode of season 4 epi 7, but Carter completes here a little CV and attributes to his character an egocentric speech possible, sick of power, possessing an instinct of extreme survival (even warheads). are not right about him), quietly declaring that he gave his sons all the means to climb the ladder and be ready for the inevitable (good a son Borderline and one who has been hiding for years in the shadows after was disfigured to the extreme but finally looks human) ... But apparently that was not enough, it was also necessary that he had the hand on Scully and his offspring and that's when the unthinkable is declared.

However, do not skip the steps and analyze the new direction set up.

Mythology evolves. For a long time, this was defined by adding new elements to what we already had but Carter decides once again, since the start of the Revival, to change his tune. The Consortium is dead, long live the Consortium. Since here it is not one that we have and composed of the CSM and his new Diana, but two: a mysterious man who also smokes (reminder of a distant time when the cigarette was commonplace, calmed the stress, where smoking everywhere, lack of anti-smoking campaigns and giving a sexy image in old movies) and a woman just as singular. The old tradition of the Consortium was that the members kept a relatively anonymous or semi-anonymous identity: CSM, the man with manicured hands ... but My Struggle III breaks the secrets, reveals names and intentions, we touch fingertips the big revelations and the identities are revealed little by little starting with that of the Smoker. It took another episode centered to find out: Carl Gerhard Bush. Well I admit, I laughed at the sight of that, facing such a charisma is better than the last name of the most ridiculous president of the USA. But there is a Germanic sounding that will perhaps send us back to the Second World War, to Nazism, to Hitler's Utopia that wanted to recreate Men as a superior race. Since here the horror is to learn that certainly we try to destroy us (well that we knew it thank you ^^^) but that those who possess the weapon of our destruction are not only ET, it is a human , humans, who will make the decision of who should live or die, who will be the sacrificed and the elected ... and that this decision is currently in the hands of a mental patient who has his favorites and wants to completely erase the slate to make us return to the state of the Natural Man, a new beginning, we eradicate those who have made the brothel to keep a handful of human beings who will return to fundamentals. Being the father of Fox and Jeffrey, we would think that everything will be done mainly in family except once again the Madonna Scully is replaced (ENCORE !!!!!) in the center of the History.

The CSM wants to protect it and he wants it all, why? Good question ?

My struggle III allows the SCM to have a voice, so we explore more his entourage ... composed of Monica LOL And yes when we are a swelling first we are not surrounded by his family but those who tolerate that you like hear you speak and especially who believe you. The Smoker is a free electron from the beginning, the Flashback proves it by the way, it is HIM who decides, point. When Monica's role he shares the audience, some are collapsed that it is switched to the dark side, question, but why a woman so adorable today displays such a bad and determined expression. Me this turnaround I find it great, simply because smooth characters have no place in the X Files. In the face of the coming horror, we have to adapt in one form or another to be able to cope with it. Moreover, all the characters climb an additional level: Scully takes the place of Cassandra Spender and prophesies the future through visions of dead, pandemics, apocalypse to come erasing at the same time all My struggle II which was not that the product of his prophecy and, it seems, she shares her visions with her son (perhaps it is also the author at a distance) that we finally see in brief touches here and there; Mulder seems to be developing new cold combat techniques, just like the CIA agent (no one can deny ...), Monica is the new Diana, and Skinner may be on his way to becoming a traitor to the balance of the CSM ... to see. When the Smoker, well he is the man to kill, he who had so brilliantly hidden all his secrets discovers that Consortium 2 wants to set up His program, knows everything, wants to seize everything and starting with the: Messiah . It took a reason to reintroduce William, why not repeat then the old story repeated a thousand times during season 9, he is tam tam tam Special !!!!!!!!!! And his mom is very important in the equation. So what annoys me at this point is that at the beginning it was Mulder's quest, him the cornerstone, and now according to the words of the Smoker one just has to be content to get it down so that Dana Virgin Mary Scully is the queen of the world that her son becomes Jesus son of God who will soon take a radical role in what is happening fast, how and why, we are left in limbo once again with only one element: Dana and her son have a unique bond, this child is a superman and ... tam tam tam

Horror and damnation, we learn in an excellent new face to face Skinner / CSM that William is the pure product of an experience started since the episode In friend and especially His work.

As much to tell you that the screen has rocked in the void, we have been walking for 17 years, that Carter lost his mind and that there I am but not at all agree with that.

William was not only a link between Mulder and Scully, it was the offspring of Fox, the one to whom we were going to convey the good, the worthy leader of the Resistance and the healthy product (but a bit magical anyway) of his parents. I am angry that they are the son of Satan here because this new direction is interesting. I can say My ass ?? So I say it !!!!!!!!! What stupidity, Carter had drunk or what ??? The story of this family, which started with the CSM and Bill Mulder, was interesting because it was followed precisely in a logical generational order. We started with the grandparents who set up a plan for an upcoming Invasion, which set up the beginnings of a conspiracy spanning 50 years, then the sons, the girls: either sacrificed (Samantha, his abduction, his death, the clones of them used or used to thwart ...), either victims (Jeffrey disfigured by the Truth, deaf to the words of his mother), or at the head of a quest, a search sown of pitfalls, giving birth to a lonely hero, at first humiliated but whose role is to reveal the unthinkable to the face of the World who laughs at him (Mulder, then comes his companion and partner Scully). William was predestined to Grand (to be the Savior of all, the offensive) certainly, but as a third generation Bordel !!!!!!!!!, the one that does better than the previous one. Instead of that we have the right to a vulgar Greek tragedy: where the son wants to kill the father, the son is no longer the son but the half-brother and Scully, my Scully is found "raped" by science and sacrificed on the Altar of Teena and Cassandra. It's foul, but is it true? I want to lie said the intro phrase, Ok, but how much? How far has it been to be able to go such an abominable being (then it's up to the answer to the question that?), I think it's ready for anything, the truth is elsewhere but the lies too ... Carter built and built, resumes, chiseled, and I end up with a monumental skull ache because of him and this interminable building that keeps changing its appearance. After 25 years I too am old to use the words of the Smoker and I feel tired to follow the meanders of a spirit as contorted as that of the Creator. I have admitted a lot of things, and if the CSM wants to play God with pleasure, I can not wait to see him being crushed by his children, he wants to protect Scully and make her concubine but that I can not wait for her to spit in his face, especially since we have information that they do not have and if it turns out to be true, it will demolish the little moral rampart that they remained to them. To be continued...

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