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 The X-Files > Season 1


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 Written by
Glen Morgan
James Wong

 Directed by
David Nutter

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Not as great as « Squeeze » but superb nonetheless
Written by Jack Anderson on 2017-09-10
« Tooms » marks the introduction of the character of Walter Skinner.

It had been a while since Mulder and Scully were reprimanded by the the FBI hierarchy. It feels really good to provide again a sense of reality.

Interestingly enough, when Section Chief Scott Blevins was approaching Scully, it felt very true.
Here, Skinner and the Cigarette Smoking Man feel definitely like the beginning of the pop culture phenomenom of « The X-Files ».

Not as great as « Squeeze » but superb nonetheless

not bad
Written by danascully09 on 2018-05-17
I will also prefer the first ep of Tooms, but this one has inside some good scenes too, like in Skinner's office, or between Scully and Mulder, with an apogee of their trust.
I would have like more action scenes woth Tooms, but he's still disgusting and freaking even in the daily life. This episode is more to show the relevance of Mulder, we will learn he is always right.
I like the investigation, sometimes simple (intuition?), sometimes with science help (bones knowledge). The last scene with the escalator would have deserved to be longer, and I regret the death of Tooms because we'll never see him 30 years later (2023 would have been possible, with Mulder in a wheelchair LOL)

And, I want to mention the appearance of CSM, mysterious as ever, with whispered words through his smoke... ART

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