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 The X-Files > Season 10

Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster

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 Written by
Darin Morgan

 Directed by
Darin Morgan

 Original Air Date

Mulder and Scully investigate some murders that lead them to a mysterious man.

David Duchovny
Gillian Anderson

- In one scene, Mulder can be seen with a red speedo. This is a reference to the famous scene from "Duane Barry", when Alex Krycek meets Mulder at the swimming pool, wearing a very tight red speedo.
- This is the only episode of the all series that contain the names of Mulder and/or Scully.
- The Guy monster is wearing the same clothes as Kolchak, in the eponym series that inspired Chris Carter in the creation of The X-Files.
- The two stone people from the opening scene are the same as the ones from "War of the Coprophages" and "Quagmire", from season 3.

Stoner #2: What would you do if you were a werewolf?
Stoner #1: I'd get high all the time?

Dana Scully: We've been given another case, Mulder. It has a monster in it.

Fox Mulder: Since we've been away, much of the unexplained has been explained.

Fox Mulder: Scully, I gave up profiling before I gave up monsters. You've seen one serial killer, you've seen them all.

Guy Mann: Now, this model comes with 3,000 gigabertz of pixelbits.

Dr. Rumanovitch: It's easier to believe in monsters out there in the world than to accept that the real monsters dwell within us.

Fox Mulder: Okay, I'll do it, I'll kill you.
Guy Mann: Thanks mister, you're like the only nice person I've ever met.

Fox Mulder: So you're agreeing with me?
Dana Scully: No! You're bat-crap crazy!

Guy Mann: My transformation wasn't just physical but mental. I heard a voice in my head. My voice. I became conscious of my own self-consciousness, and then I had my very first thought: I'm naked! I became overcome by some irrational need to cover up.

Guy Mann: Alas, I was human again. I went back to work. But now that I had a job, all I could think about was how much I hated my job. But I was too overcome with human fear to quit. How would I pay my bills? Without a job, I'd... I'd never get a loan and start a mortgage, whatever that is. Already I was terrified I wasn't saving enough for my retirement. And what else was I supposed to do?

Guy Mann: You see, now I possess the one Darwinian advantage that humans have over other animals: the ability to BS my way through anything. I mean, it's better than camouflage!
Fox Mulder: You wouldn't happen to be, uh, BSing me right now all about this, would you?

Fox Mulder: Did you lose someone recently?
Guy Mann: Yeah, myself.

Dana Scully: I think, maybe, my phone isn't working right 'cuz guys don't send me pictures of their junk on it.

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Darin Morgan did it again
Written by Jack Anderson on 2017-09-07
Darin Morgan is a myth for any X-Files fan. He gave the series a brand new dimension when he wrote the famous episode "Humbug" from season 2. His episodes were funny, but always in a very profound and interesting ways.
I am very happy to say that he has done it again. "Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster" is an excellent episode.

The story itself is brilliant. The episode tells the story of a monster who becomes human. That alone is a very original idea.

The theme alone is also brilliant. By becoming a man, the monster starts to go through the purpose of life and this provides us a reflection on our own.

I give this episode an 8 out of 10. Superb. After the very bad introduction to this new season ("My Struggle"), it feels damn good to see this one.

Where is X-files please?
Written by DuaneB on 2018-03-10
Decidedly, this revival is a delirious boulevard made in Morgan (Darin of course!). Vulgarity and deception are probably the words that best reflect my disappointing impression of this episode we are told to love ...

Vulgarity of a Mulder in red slip slowly lying on his bed legs apart. If it's a tribute to the red slip of Duane Barry, as I say that I prefer the original copy. Vulgarity again for the fantasy scene of Guy fucking with Scully. I have no desire to see Scully in this state. It is to take the beautiful subtlety of the beginnings and turn it into a total fair to disfigure a character of this kind!
Finally vulgarity of Scully's joke with his question slip or boxer. Pity!

The character guy is not at all endearing. Worse: he inflates me. His point, that of Darin in fact, seems to me seen and corrected: the man is the worst monster. It is a repetition of "man is a wolf for man" version twenty-first century. We have the style that our time deserves you tell me ...

Finally, the forced comic aspect is the best way not to make me laugh. But it's personal of course. But I find that everything is forced. And I'm not talking about fan service more than outrageous, but in the wrong way.

Only the scene of the cemetery, as boring as it is, pulls out of the game thanks to the tribute to Kim Manners.

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