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 The X-Files > Season 8

This Is Not Happening

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Doggett and Scully may have a lead to finally find Fox Mulder. But to what cost?


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Perfect ending to the search for Mulder
Written by Jack Anderson on 2016-01-01
The best endings are the ones where the audience is surprised, but at the same time when the audience, after thinking about it, knows that there was no other way to tell the story. "This Is Not Happening" is one of those rare cases in the later seasons of the series where everything is fitting perfectly.
While the series slowly started to fade away and slowly seeing the jump-the-shark line on the horizon, it still had some magic in it.
"This Is Not Happening" tells the story of how Doggett and Scully are finding Mulder. The all episode leads to the dramatic discover of Mulder, found dead somewhere in the countryside. This provides a beautiful way to end the search for Mulder. And there would have been no better way than to tell it this way. Would you really have imagined Mulder just arriving out of the blue? Of course not. Something important had to happen.
What most important thing than his death?
Problems will arrive later, when actually his resurrection will not be performed by Jeremiah Smith. It would have been the perfect way. But we will keep this for the next review of the following episode.

Meanwhile, the introduction of Agent Monica Reyes is done in a memorable way. She is not clearly a classic believer or a classic non-believer. She is an opened person. What a refreshing moment to finally see a change in the believer/skeptic dynamic.

I give the episode a low 5. This is the best episode of the eighth season.

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