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 The X-Files > Season 6

S.R. 819

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Very good thriller
Written by Jack Anderson on 2016-01-01
I was often disappointed by John Shiban's scripts, at least with the episodes he wrote by himself. This one is very good. I give it a 6.

Best skinner centric
Written by DuaneB on 2018-04-27
Washington Hospital, Walter Skinner is in a sorry state. Sounds blood system is plagued with an unknown harm. This man is going to die ...

This is the other big surprise of this wonderful sixth season. SR 819 revives the whole concept of X FILES, the true, the pure, the elusive and inimitable paranoid climate, dotted with poetry and action. This is the second major episode dedicated to Skinner; this man finally always so introverted and secretive, of which we had not learned much finally in Avatar, except that he was married and that he is also a great seducer. But here, although playing the role of pretext for the return of our "friend" Krycek, the episode is based on the past -24 hours earlier- to explain the pre-generic scene. The opening speech in voiceover is a kind of introspection of the character of a true depth (which could also apply in everyday life, out of context ... parenthesis!). Discourse on almost political if not ethical aspects, confirming Skinner's righteousness, which he is sure never failed. This episode is therefore essential for fans of Skinner as for "non-fans" since it also shows us in his private life, boxing fan in this case. First place where this bearded and shaggy stranger appears to him; in a very "Millennium" visual effect.

The scene in Skinner's office secretary's office at the FBI with the famous Skinner's day report is also a success. This has several reasons:
-First by the effect of slow motion images of the story, by the attention to detail of the handshake, and suddenly by the return of a real paranoid episode.
-Secondly, the introduction of the mysterious Professor Orgel, detected by Scully during the analysis of video surveillance, adds interest to the plot. Suspense.
-Finally, it reinforces the links between our three characters. Unilateral friendship.
To continue in the series of good surprises, it's the return of Krycek, determined to play with Skinner's life to silence him. Ingenious blackmail, psychological by a last technical means: nanotechnology.
The other big return, very unexpected it must be said, is our old Senator Mateson, we find with great pleasure, because it brings us back to the old seasons whose quality is no longer to prove ...
But let's go back to the episode itself, which makes it successful. I think another big reason for the success of this episode is that there are hardly any outdoor scenes; so it allows us to forget the sun of L.A. in favor of dark, underground parts ... Great scene of pursuit in the residence of Pr Orgel, which perfectly punctuates the rhythm of the episode. Because it is by its rhythm that it is distinguished.
On the other hand, we can not talk about SR 819 without talking about music. Essential element of this episode since it takes up some great orchestral themes of the B.O of Fight the Future. Cult! Especially since this addition, or insertion with the rest of the original music of the episode is married perfectly. The recurrence of the theme sounds a little more each time as a reminder of a past glory, the sensation of great spectacle and travel that provided FTF. And it is a concentrate of all that we savor to the vision of the episode.
Regarding Mulder and Scully, all the same, they are not at all left over. Everyone plays his role: Mulder on the field. Scully on his field, with beautiful scenes in scientific jargon (with Dr. Plant). This medical aspect with many scenes in hospital also gives an "emergency" rating. We also note that the hospital is the place otherwise no other very good episodes of the show. We think of One breath, or Memento mori to name a few ...

Each character is in full swing, with a very active and always passionate Mulder, obsessed, and a Scully scientist and kindergarten, too. The emotional aspect, the very respectful and admiring relationship Scully / Skinner perpetuates their relationship of yesteryear; as in Piper maru and Apocrypha. A kind of reverential friendship ...
Nothing is left out. Action, disturbing characters, suspense, humor with the famous joke about boxing, science and science fiction together, music ... always her. Great musical inspiration from beginning to end.

Reflecting the high expectations of fans, this season was an unexpected paradise, given the recent move of the team. The change - as everyone knows - had worked wonders, probably surging through the big screen.
But Countdown is a great episode, which can be defined as a synthesis of the characteristics of the season from which it is extracted: brilliant scenario, frenzied rhythm and music at its peak. Like the rest of this 6th season. We had already had a glimpse of the talents of Mark Snow in How the ghosts stole christmas; and well it is to note that the muse was still at the rendering.
Sumptuous, paranoid and profound, desperately x files, against all odds.

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