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Brittany Allen

Brittany lives in California and has three kids. She is a professional in a mental health services as well as foster care youth.

She enjoys sci fi and thrillers, both in film and books. She loves cats, board games and a good Dungeons and Dragons adventure!

Brittany is one of our Newswriters, posting news on the movie and TV industry, as well as books and stars.

We want to deeply thank Brittany for her outstanding work. She is as talented as she is beautiful.

Caroline R. Poole

Caroline Poole is a British writer living in Manchester, UK. Following the stillbirth of her daughter, Olivia in 2010, Caroline has been involved in several projects for charity.

She is also a fundraiser and has recently finished writing her first book "From Heartbeat to Heartbreak". Caroline is also a mother to Oliver, six, and loves TV series.

Caroline is one of our Newswriters. She cover many topics, from series to movies, books or stars and the entertainment business.

We use this opportunity to thank and welcome Caroline in our team. It is a delight to work with such a talented and kind person.

Gruic is a 35 years old bookseller. He loves the smell of old books, his specialty, and lives in France.

Gruic, one of our original Members from more than a decade ago, is joining us as our Administrator. Gruic is managing the episode guide, creating content, providing feedback, testing the site and more.

We also use this opportunity to thank Gruic for his work behind the scenes, in making this site a reality again and proving unvaluable feedback.

Jack is the developer of the site. He is merely a proxy, who simply implements the brilliant ideas of the Members.

He is passionate about series, movies and books and design.

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We are looking for a Community Manager to be responsible of our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook and more). The CM will also be the one who will welcome the new joiners, guide them into the world of tvore.com, as well as actively move the community forward by creating new original topics and commenting.
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We wish to thank Guigui the friendly.

This Website is dedicated to SebOS, a true pioneer from a previous century. Thank you, coincoin. We will always love you.

 Honorary Members
We are extremely honored to receive the visits of Frank Spotnitz and Robert Patrick on our site. They have been named honorary members of our community.

"Do I sneak around the message boards? Of course I do! (Only never in fan fiction.) And I'd be delighted to become an honorary member -- please count me in!"
Frank Spotnitz, Executive Producer

"Send me a link to the XFU site...I think we can work out keeping you in all the current event info for a thread!!!!!"
"You'll have to guide me in this!!! I've never done a chat room or anything like that (other than the bikerornot site but that's just answering/replying to questions, etc. from others on the site). You can set up a user name for me...why not???!!!"

Robert Patrick, Actor

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