The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq
L'Enlèvement de Michel Houellebecq

2014  92 MN


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Guillaume Nicloux

In September 2011 writer Michel Houellebecq briefly disappeared off the face of the earth. Wild rumours began circulating on the Internet that he’d been abducted by Al-Qaeda or aliens from outer space. Some Twitter users even expressed relief that the controversial author was suddenly no longer around. This film now reveals what really happened: Three tough guys variously with impressive hairstyles and bodybuilder physiques carried off the star intellectual, taking him out of the daily stress of dodging autograph hunters and having his flat renovated and bringing him to a beautiful rural underdog idyll, full of dog grooming, bodybuilding demonstrations, junk cars and Polish sausages. But who was to pay the ransom?

 Release Date

August 27, 2014


1h32m (92 min)

 Top Billed Cast

 Michel Houellebecq
 Michel Houellebecq
 Mathieu Nicourt
 Maxime Lefrancois
 Françoise Lebrun
 Luc Schwarz
 Veran Mauberret

 Written by

Guillaume Nicloux Writer


Only unmasked kidnappers spell trouble



Michel Houellebecq
  Michel Houellebecq
Mathieu Nicourt
Maxime Lefrancois
Françoise Lebrun
Luc Schwarz
Veran Mauberret
Ginette Suchotzky
André Suchotzky
Marie Bourjala
Karim Achoui
François Samuelson
Vincent Janerot
Béatrice Mendy
Marie Schwarz
Ian Turiak
  L'ouvrier polonais
Patrick Chadaillat


Guillaume Nicloux
Guillaume Nicloux
Sylvie Pialat
Guy Lecorne
Christophe Offenstein
  Director of Photography


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 New Review

By Jack Anderson on September 20, 2020

This film is a complete UFO. An artistic take on the famous French author Michel Houellebecq. I wasn’t sure how it would be like, but I must admit the film is excellent. Sure, it’s definitely not for everyone, but I really enjoyed it.
Houellebecq may play his own role, but the authenticity he gives is really terrific.

I give it 7 out of 10. Excellent.


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