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Plus One

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- The director Kevin Hooks shared on Twitter on September 17th, 2017 that the title of the episode will be "Plus One".
- During the shooting, a bear came out of the woods near Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. Gillian slowly walked away from the bear, not looking at it, hoping that she will not be eaten by the bear.
- Karin Konoval, the actress who played Mrs. Peacock in the wild episode "Home", is portraying the main second character from this episode.
- She will play multiple characters.
- David Duchovny, on an interview from October 16, 2017, with Niki Reitmayer on CKNW: “Chris Carter totally surprised me by having a local punk band cover ‘Unsaid Undone’ and putting it in the third episode that we shot. And he never asked me. I got this call from my lawyer who said ‘Chris Carter wants to licence ‘Unsaid, Undone’. I was like, what?! I texted Chris and asked 'what are you doing?' [He said] 'I want to use the song in the teaser.'



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Very bad (2/10)
By Jack on 2018-02-02

This episode is not beyond bad (1), but clearly not good at all.
Chris Carter, once again, wrote a very very bad script, which is actually the norm since 2002. This is a shame to see the creator of the series not being able to write a single decent script.

Meanwhile, it feels good to finally have a real director directing an episode. The directing is classic and working fine.

I give the episode 2 out of 10.

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