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Dana Scully: "You think you can look into the face of pure evil, and then you find yourself paralyzed by it."


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Gillian Anderson's performance
by Jack on 2017-10-18 15:47:22 ET
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Oustanding and dark (10/10)
By Jack on 2017-09-10

After "Beyond the Sea", this is the first time where Gillian Anderson is having the chance to bring an interesting performance.
The result is outstanding. Her performance is more than brilliant. There are two particular scenes. The first, when she is back at the FBI in D.C. and talking about her own feelings. The dialogue are so powerful and realistic that she can and did bring something extraordinary out of it. In the first seasons, the series is produced in such a realistic and humbled way that you can only feel endless gratitude watching it. This is so far away from the fanfics-like dialogue from the latest seasons.
The second scene is where Scully is being rescued and breaks down crying in Mulder's arms. The scene is so delicate, so beautiful. Also, Mulder doesn't kiss her in her hair or try to confort her. He just stands there, no knowing what to do. You can also feel so many different things in his attitude.

Once again, this is a brilliant and dark directing from David Nutter.

Yes, the tone is dark. So dark that this looks like a "MillenniuM" episode.

In this episode, there is no paranormal phenomenon, and that feels like a huge relieve. We can simply enjoy a scary story. This is what The X-Files would have looked if we would have seen Mulder and Scully working at the violent crimes section. This is a show I would have watched for sure.

The soundtrack from Mark Snow is very original and different from his previous work on the series.

I give the episode 10 out of 10. One of the best episodes of the entire series.

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