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Little Green Men

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Fox Mulder: "I wanted to believe, but the tools had been taken away. The X-Files had been shut down. They closed our eyes... our voices have been silenced... our ears now deaf to the realms of extreme possibilities."


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Outstanding season premiere (10/10)
By Jack on 2017-09-10

And here. We. Go.

After watching "The Erlenmeyer Flask" and the end of the closure of the x-files section, we finally get to see what happens to Mulder and Scully.
The result is simply outstanding.

The second season starts with Mulder being reassigned to unimportant surveillance work. There is a clear, drastic, logical and evolutive change in the character. As seen at the end of "The Erlenmeyer Flask", Mulder is depressed by what has been happening, while being utterly paranoid and still obsessed with his quest to find the truth.
David Duchvony deserves all our admiration, as he will never be as good as an actor as in the second season. There is a clear evolution in the character, as he faced the death of his father-figure Deep Throat, and then the closure of the x-files section. Later on, in "Duane Barry", he will even go further down when faced with the abduction of his working partner and close friend Dana Scully.
You can physically see everything that it happening to the character in his pupils.
One tiny mention, the fact that he has his hair down is a good idea to further show his depression.

After the death of Deep Throat, it was highly intelligent to try to provide some assistance to Mulder, but this time in a very different way. The scene in Senator Richard Matheson is simply perfect. "I live for Bach."

The flashback - or dream sequence - of the abduction of Mulder's sister Samantha is beautiful shot. David Nutter did a wonderful job with this scene, which must have been quite difficult to shoot.

The first 15 minutes are simply su-blime. After that we get to see Mulder going to Puerto Rico (in Vancouver!) and playing with UFO lights and Jorge ("No, Jorge, don’t touch that red button. Noho on the Roho.").
For the first time, Scully will need to look for Mulder. This will happen many (many) times in the series ("Colony", "The Blessing Way", half of season 8, part of season 9). But since this is the very first time, we truly believe in it and, as an audience, are totally invested in this quest.

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