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 The X-Files > Episodes > Season 10


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 Written by
Chris Carter

 Directed by
Chris Carter


 Original Air Date

Fox Mulder tries to communicate with a terrorist laying in a hospital bed after a terrorist attack.



- The episode ends with the song "Ho Hey" from the band The Lumineers.
- Agent Kid Miller is named after one of the children from David Duchovny, Kyd Miller Duchovny.

Agent Miller: Hello, anyone down here?
Dana Scully: Nobody but the FBI's most unwanted.
Dana Scully: [to Mulder] I've been waiting 23 years to say that!
Fox Mulder: How did it feel?
Dana Scully: Pretty good.


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Moments that made you go O_o
by Agent_Spooky on 2017-10-16 15:03:07 ET
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Last post by Jack
157 days ago


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Painfully bad (1/10)
By Jack on 2017-09-07

Everything is painfully bad in this episode.

Mulder and Scully meet young doppelg´┐Żngers named Miller and Einstein. Is this a plain obvious way to try to milk more money out of The X-Files and create a young spin-off - you know, the kind of spineless spin-off that lasts for a season or two - three at best?
Also, Einstein? Really?...

Radical islam terrorism is a very difficult and dramatic topic. Who could have ever imagined of mixing terrorism with funny magic mushrooms mumbo-jumbo?
We go from so-called funny scenes to very dark imagery.
The plot makes no sense at all. Fox Mulder, this so-called serious profiler from the FBI, is asking to get some drugs in order to communicate with a terrorist.
The great thing about The X-Files was that it was part science and part fiction. In here, there is simply no science involved at all.

When I learned that Lauren Ambrose would join The X-Files, I was particularly happy about it, as we all remember her great performance from the brilliant series "Six Feet Under".
Here, unfortunately, her character is so bad that we don't even care for her at all.

Ironically, in the latest seasons of The X-Files, Chris Carter has become the worst screenwriters of the show.

I give this episode one star. This reaches new lows.

The worst episode of the entire series (1/10)
By syzygy620 on 2017-10-13

Terrible writing, stilted dialogue, awful use of the worst country music has to offer, and introduces 2 painfully obvious M/S caricatures. Makes "Fight Club" look genius.

Not the Best from Chris Carter (1/10)
By DanaScully on 2017-10-14

I really hate to say this but.... Chris Carter really sucked at trying to write, I guess he was running low of ideas and plus the acting of the so called clones of our sweet Mulder and Scully was so bad that I can't even watch this one without getting mad at how the season was being ran. so glad Season 11 is coming out soon I hope it goes back to its roots a little bit. and Bring back the magic we all know and Love from the show. #TheTruthIsOutThere!!!

The most shitty episode ever (1/10)
By DuaneB on 2018-03-03

The islamist terrorism has nothing to do with x files, and no one in our time wpuld like to see an episode dealing with such painfull subject. When I wath x files I want to travel, to enter into an unknown and fantastic world... I wanna see my favourites characters evouating as well, but I can't stend what was this disgusting epiosde. Of course you could add Scully's attitude almost defending the terrorist, like if it where him the victim.. Please!!

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