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While Fox Mulder is buried, the body of Billy Miles is found and miraculously alive.






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Mulder six feet under is too much
by gillyfan on 2017-10-14 17:00:23 ET
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Last post by Jack
128 days ago


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Too far but well-done (4/10)
By Jack on 2016-01-02

In "This Is Not Happening", all the elements were here to save Mulder's life. Jeremiah Smith, an alien with the power of healing people, was back.
But the screenwriters decided to go even further, by actually putting Mulder six feet under. Are we supposed to believe that he was buried for months and can be brought back from the dead? Imagine watching the Pilot episode of the series, and then suddenly watching this one. How would you feel?
This episode is also the beginning of the worst mythology story-arc of the all series. Supersoldiers.
Even though the direction and acting are top notch, as usual, it's all about the writing. And the main problem is that the show has become so dense and has such as loaded past that the writers are forced to add new layers of complexity throughout the episodes.
I would give the episode 3 stars. But the final scene with Mulder and Scully is so damn powerful and so brilliant that I add one more and give it 4 stars. Once again, showing Mulder here and there just proves that the series is about Mulder and Scully.

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