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Scully investigates alone on a violent crime committed in a secluded area in the desert.






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Gore is good! (5/10)
By Jack on 2015-12-30

What a beginning of a season! If there was one word to summarize the first two loners, that would be "darkness". "Patience" and "Roadrunners" are setting the tone of the season, and it is damn good. Unfortunately, not all loners will be as good as the first ones, but still, what a beginning. Seasons 6 and 7 were quite joyful and had lots of funny episodes, here, we go far from there. This is clearly a back-to-the-roots start.
But the episode takes a very long time before being very interesting. The pace is dramatically slow, but the last ten minutes are simply excellent.
The scenes with Scully being kidnapped and then kind of raped by the monster are quite difficult to watch. We clearly can feel her pain.
I give the episode a 5: good.

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