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Good try but missed opportunity (3/10)
By Jack on 2016-01-01

"Chinga" is a missed opportunity. It is not bad, but the fact that Stephen King was writing an episode, most were waiting for something more. Carter had to rewrite most of the script, that was way too long.
But still, a good episode. The Main atmosphere is good and the story is quite enjoyable, with the memorable "I want to play!" moments along with the light music. I give it a 3 out of 5.

I want to play! (9/10)
By DuaneB on 2018-03-11

Really good one! Scully centric but not only. This episode made me discover the music of Johan Nepomuk Hummel, with his piano concerto no 3 in b minor. This the music you hear in the openning scene and also during Scully's bath scene.

The child is kinda creepy, but finaly swelling as well.
I apreciated Scully's journey, or rather ascape from her FBI routine. But the story in this Main small town don't let her tranquil at all. I like the relation she has with the sherrif, as if it was an infidelity to Mulder. Finaly, The scene of the mother hammer is horribly deranging.

I give a 9 of 10.

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