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Fallen Angel

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After a mysterious explosion in the city of Townsend, Wisconsin, Fox Mulder goes on the premises, even though locked from the military.




Fox Mulder: Then what can I say? How can I disprove lies that are stamped with an official seal?
Section Chief McGrath: That will be all, Mr. Mulder.
Mulder: You can deny all the things I've seen, all the things I've discovered, but not for much longer because too many others know what's happening out there. And no one, no government agency, has jurisdiction over the truth.

Section Chief McGrath: Why did you countermand my decision? Mulder's conduct was in clear violation not only of bureau procedures but of federal law.
Deep Throat: Yes.
Section Chief McGrath: I don't understand. The committee's case was air tight. You've ruined the last best chance we had to get rid of him.
Deep Throat: I appreciate your frustration, but you and I both know Mulder's work is a singular passion-- poses a most unique dilemma. But his occasional insubordination is in the end, far less dangerous.
Section Chief McGrath: With respect sir, less dangerous than what?
Deep Throat: Than having him exposed to the wrong people. What he knows... what he thinks he knows... Always keep your friends close, Mr. McGrath... but keep your enemies closer.


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Outstanding and nostalgic classic (10/10)
By Jack on 2017-09-10

The beginning of the episode is extremely energetic. This is the first X-Files episode with a thriller-like pace. From the very first second, we see an explosion, get to see some military general activating a secret operation. We then watch Fox Mulder running around on the premises in order to discover the truth. What a start of an episode! The show is quickly showing its feature film qualities.

With yet another apparition of Deep Throat, Mark Snow composes a soundtrack which is very similar to the one from "Deep Throat".

Once the pace goes down, we get the chance to meet a new character named Max Fenig. After the very bad performances from the actors playing Brad Wilcheck in "Ghost in the Machine", or Colonel Belt in "Space", it feels so great to watch a marvellous actor such as Scott Bellis, wonderfully playing the role of Max Fenis. The way he portrays the character is nostalgic, funny, wild and ultimately touching at the same time.

After serving virtually no purpose for a few episodes, Dana Scully is finally back and trying to get some sense out of Mulder, for breaching protocol. She is the reason we actually believe in this serious investigation. Through her, we understand the seriousness of the allegations against Mulder.

The resolution act of the episode is also brilliant. Max Fenig is alone with Mulder in the depot, while military men are all around them.
We then get to see one of the most beautiful abduction scene from the all series. The special effects are outstanding. Just sublime.

The stakes were extremely high in this episode. And now, we get to understand why the x-files section is still opened. Deep Throat was protecting Mulder. But still, we get the understanding that both Mulder and Scully will need to fight for their section in order to keep being able to investigate and continue their quest for the truth.

An outstanding episode. 9/10

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